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Seventh Column



On Top of External Access Junction 4c

We don't need no stinking banshees!

with FrogBlast and oonothing


This took a long time to film.  Mainly because we wanted to try several things with this trick. For more information on pete_the_duck's shade jumping method, see Shade Jumping to the Top of 343 Guilty Spark.

The first movies shows us setting up after blasting a shade down to the bridge with rockets and checkpointing. oonothing is busy trying to collect grenades from the banshees, while I position the shade for the launch.

The second movie shows the launch and the top of Junction 4c. We checked the top of both sides, and we didn't find anything. The movie is clipped in the middle to save space. 

The third movie shows us experimenting with a banshee.  We wanted to see what would happen to a banshee that was lured to the top of the level.  The banshee immediately went after me when I launched, and then tried to run me over when it reached the top.  Banshees often do this when they leave the area that they were meant to be in.

The other two movies show some unfortunate moments while trying to reach the top of the junction.



Movie: What Are You Guys Doing?


Movie: On Top of 4c


Movie: Let's Dance


Extra: Bloopers...


Movie: So Close


Movie: Waaaaaaay Too High


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