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Easter Egg, Glitch and Trick Listing Updated 1/28/02

This is a listing of the glitches, eggs and tricks that I know of. It is posted for my own personal record-keeping. I claim no "discovery" of any of the list items. Credit is not given, and is not taken. 

D = done, P = pictures, hyperlink = link to pictures or walkthrough

1)Lone marine (getting on top 343GS)    D,P

a.       grenade throw    D,P

b.      on top of dropship D,P

c.       rock jump

2)legendary ending    D,P

3)difficulty level sarge beginning    D

4)maw grunt    D,P

5)Marcus Lehto’s initials

6)guns(no marines) in GS    D,P

7)PoA invincible marines deck    D,P

8)Assault on control room beginning    D,P

a.       pelican press x    D,P

b.      banshee    D,P

9)AotCR cliff climb down    D

10)free captain keyes, kill him,alive again T&R

11)top of silent cartographer    D,P

12)infinite shotgun ammo 343GS

13)invincible cov on PoA    D

14)fall through map (warthog flip, lv.2)

15)SC jeep marines bail

16)stuck in dropship

17)kamikaze banshee lv 2    D,P

18)blood gulch tree climb

19)hunter jump

20)banshee stealing AotCR

a.       nautural bridge    D,P

b.      far end of pipes    D,P

c.       on platform    D,P

d.      on different platform (big pillar)    D,P

21)lv2 mountain climb    D,P

a.       beginning    D,P

b.      end    D,P

22)floating tree    D,P

23)dead marines    D,P

a.       silent cartographer beach landing    D,P

b.      T&R control room    D,P

24)flip wraith   D,P

25)marine ghost    D

26)T&R cutscene without music


28)frozen characters

29)ghost  squeeze through broken door TB

30)vehicles on their sides/noses    D,P

31)GS kill inside pelican

32)T&R climb to top    D,P

33)vehicles on bases    D

34)ghost up blood gulch base ramps    D

35)keyes “hi my name”    D,P

36)banshee AI remove AotCR

37)intact banshee crash    D,P

38)constellation in final cutscene

39)gametypes screen    D,P

40)Nav3 display    D,P

41)reunion tour banshee spawn snipe

42)climbing out of blood gulch    D,P

43)grenade up flood hole will not explode

44)warthog down shaft

45)xbox rename    D,P

46)launch wathog SC

47)yellow kepad Tic Tac Toe?

48)locked door SC pop through    D,P

49)343GS end credits    D,P

50)tank catapult    D

51)gun writing

52)colored flood

a.      TB

53)T&R covie ship

54)glass in the Maw

55)explosive head jump

56)Rex in the maw

57)siege of madrigal    D

58)PoA bulletin board    D,P

59)crossing keyes gap    D,P

60)top of sidewinder    D

61)frog blast the vent core?


63)getting into second dropship at beginning of lv2.    D,P

64)gun errors (mismatch visual/ammo)

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