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In The Walls, Through the Doors


The following is a collection of movies to show different methods of crossing boundaries in Halo.  Links to other explorations and tricks that provide extra information are included. Check the HBO Tricks Section for a history of this type of trickery.




Pillar of Autumn

Movie: Using the Cryo-Tube Lid in Pillar of Autumn

The method here is to jump into the cryo-tube before the hatch closes. Then face down and slowly back up until you stop (while still pressing back lightly.) Then rotate slowly and you should pop up into the air.


More Information:  Pillar of Autumn: Cryo B to Halo Exploration



Silent Cartographer

Movie: Above the Door in Silent Cartographer

The method here is to nudge the player with the hog... not too fast, not too slow. The player will either die, be moved slightly, go through to the other side, or end up on top of the door.



Assault on the Control Room

Movie: Out of the Map in Assault on the Control Room

(a method described by HALOMASTER)


Movie: Cyborg in a Jar in AotCR

The method is simple: just nudge the player into the tube with the warthog.


Movie: Through the Generator Door in AotCR

This is slightly harder. Just back the banshee up at an angle where the player does NOT pop out on top of the banshee, or fall underneath and get crushed. If the player jumps out at the right moment, at the right angle, he should be pushed through.


More Information: Through the Walls in Assault on the Control Room



343 Guilty Spark

Movie: Through the Floor in 343 Guilty Spark

Rotate the mounted gun turret to knock the player out of the level. Don't be too close to the wall. When the player is knocked out, he might have to move back into the level as he falls.


Movie: Into Locked Rooms in 343GS

These spaces are so tight that it's hard not to get pushed out through the walls. Flip the turret over on its side to get it into this hallway.


More Information: Through the Walls in 343 Guilty Spark



Two Betrayals

Movie: Through the Locked Door in Two Betrayals

Another way to get through doors with the banshee... just nudge the player lightly.


An elite with jaw problems, and 1.9Km away from my nav point. A result of going through that locked door without hitting the first generator.


More Information: Two Betrayals Bridge Door Exploration




Movie: Getting Out of Keyes

This is a nice spot to rotate the turret and push the player out through the walls.  You can find this turret in the hangar on the second floor.


Movie: Getting Out of Keyes, Method #2

This method requires that you get to the banshees at the end of the level quickly, before they land. The banshees are fast and fly through the walls.


Major Exploration Possibilities.


More Information: Speedy Banshees in Keyes (credit here)



The Maw

Movie: Out of The Maw


More Information: Getting Out of the Maw (credit here)

More Information: Climbing to the Top of the Maw




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